Event Details

Warren Crow’s Tuesday Drill Sessions

Join other MPC members for 2 hours of fun-filled pickleball drills directed by Warren Crow, all with the goal of improving your game.

311267002_133949372726023_3360365596944018590_nWarren is a member of the Mohawk Pickleball Club and has offered to assist other interested members improve their game through targeted drill sessions. He has many years of experience playing both competitive and recreational pickleball.

Warren uses different group drill techniques that help participants learn and improve shots through repetition. During Warren’s sessions you will learn and practice dink shots, drop shots, consistently deep serves and returns of serve, volleys, transition zone shots, solid ground strokes and more.

Most pickleball instructors and pros will tell you that the fastest way to improve your game is through drills. Top pro Ben Johns reports that he does not play any games between tournaments; he only drills and practices his shots. 

The best pickleball shots are those that are made without thinking about them.  Muscle memory is the key, and repetition is the path to muscle memory. By repetitively practicing the same shots over and over, you will develop confidence in them, and be able to focus on other aspects of your game, such as choosing purposeful shots, moving with your partner and advanced game strategies.  Thinking about shot technique is the last thing you want to do in a fast-paced rally. Muscle memory lets your subconscious take care of technique freeing your brain to decide the correct strategy for the situation.

Social Event Schedule

All MPC Socials are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm, so you can put the dates and times on your calendar now.  Here is where the socials will be held for the next 14 months:


  • March: Clinton’s Ditch
  • April:   Backstage Pub
  • May:    Centre Street Public House     
  • June:    Manhattan Exchange
  • July:     Max410 at Water’s Edge
  • Aug:     20 North Broadway (New)
  • Sept:    Centre Street Public House
  • Oct:      Clinton’s Ditch
  • Nov:    Great Flats Brewing or The Bunker (New)
  • Dec:     Clinton’s Ditch


  • Jan:      Backstreet Pub
  • Feb:     Centre Street Public House
  • March: Clinton’s Ditch
  • April:   Backstage Pub

Social Event Survey Results

Thank you to Cindy Hartney, Deborah DePaulo, Mike Armstrong and Kathy Farone for helping tally the survey results and using the results to establish the MPC Social schedule. Now for the results of the brief informal survey of your favorite MPC social venues (top 5 finishers only).


  1. Clintons Ditch
  2. Centre Street Pub
  3. Manhattan Exchange
  4. Backstage Pub
  5. Max410 at Water’s Edge (formerly The Lighthouse)


  • The ranking system was: 3 points for a #1 ranking, 2 points for a #2, and 1 point for a #3 ranking.
  • Clinton’s Ditch ranked a bit ahead of all others.
  • Centre Street Pub, Backstage Pub, Manhattan Exchange, and Max410 at Water’s Edge were within 3 points of each other (a virtual tie).
  • Some of the venues were noted as better suited as summer, outdoor venues.
  • Four additional venues were suggested: 20 North Broadway (outdoors only), The Bunker Mohawk Harbor, Broken Inn in Niskayuna and Great Flats Brewing in downtown Schenectady. Some board members felt that, while a good venue, Broken Inn would be too small. We will check out The Bunker. Great Flats is a good set up for socializing, but sometimes requires getting food from The 151 Bar and Restaurant next door or getting food delivered, which Great Flats encourages. Sometimes there is a food truck parked in front.  
  • A “winery” was suggested, but we were not sure which one or ones. (Finger Lakes would be great, but probably too far for the drive home.)

So, how does this help a future schedule? Our thoughts were to start by rotating the top five venues, arranged by suitability for indoor versus outdoor gathering, plus trying a couple of new venues for the remainder of 2024.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our little survey. Hopefully, this will help us be a little more organized when it comes to announcing our social dates and venues.