About Us

Welcome to the Mohawk Pickleball Club of Schenectady, New York: Let’s Play Pickleball

The MPC is a growing group of passionate and active Pickleball players.  The Mohawk Pickleball Club began as a dedicated group of a few pickleball players back in 2016. Most of those original pickleball players are still playing with us. Back then, we played wherever we could find an open court. We played at the Glenville Y during the winter; we played at Collins Park (Scotia, NY) on tennis courts lined for pickleball during the summer ; some played at the Duanesburg Y, we even played in Saratoga, at the Guilderland Y and at the Clifton Park Y.

We soon found that our group was getting larger, playing together more often, and that we were becoming genuine friends. We started scheduling regular social and holiday events. Initially, these were held a few times at Pine Lake and at each other’s homes until the group became even larger. We now gather regularly at local establishments once every month or so, just for fun.

In early 2022 we decided to organize our pickleball and social efforts by creating a club. On June 30, 2022, we officially created the Mohawk Pickleball Club. We established our mission as promoting pickleball in the communities of Schenectady County and began petitioning local community governments to provide more and better venues to play pickleball. However, we have never forgotten our roots; playing pickleball for fun, friendship and health. Afterall, the sport of recreational pickleball is much more than sport; it is a healthy, social and recreational activity for everyone, regardless of age.

The Mohawk Pickleball Club is currently 150 players strong and growing. Within the past year we have managed to accomplish many of our short-term goals and are planning even greater things for the future to promote this all-age, all-skill level sport!

The MPC welcomes anyone interested in learning and playing pickleball and making good friends in the process. Please, consider becoming a part of our organization.

Let’s Play Pickleball!


Our Mission

Our club mission is to “Play and promote pickleball throughout our community.”

​The MPC promotes development and growth of the sport of Pickleball because it is a fun, healthy, and social recreational activity for all ages. We pursue construction of new dedicated pickleball courts in our communities, as well as striping existing tennis courts for use as pickleball courts.


President: Richard Unger
Vice President: Cindy Hartney
Secretary: Deb DePoalo
Treasurer: Nancy Holsberger
Director of Communications: Irene DeGraff
Sargent at Arms (Rules of Play): Jeffrey Sheaffer 

Meet Our Members

Our MPC members represent and welcome all levels of play and players of all ages. We love pickleball and want to share that joy with everyone interested in learning and playing pickleball.